Student Loan Lawsuit Defense

Student Loan Lawsuit Defense

Debt Defense Services For Individuals And Families Throughout Texas

Backed by support from the U.S. government, private lenders and debt buyers are getting serious about collecting student loan repayments. With the Great Recession hitting students particularly hard in Texas over the past few years, many people with student loans have been unable to keep up with payments. The number of student loan lawsuits by banks in Texas has been rising steadily. Rather than negotiating a deferment or a lower interest rate or principal, lenders choose to go for the throat by suing for a judgment against the borrower. With a judgment, the lender has the option of garnishing wages and taking other aggressive collections actions. Don’t let it happen to you.

If you live in Texas and have received notification of a lawsuit regarding student loan payments, talk to an attorney at Texas Debt Defense in Houston and Austin. We are a team of debt litigation lawyers that puts the law on your side in the courtroom. You have only 10 days to submit an answer to your lawsuit notification. If you do not respond in time, your lender or debt buyer will win a judgment by default.

From offices in Houston, Austin and Dallas, our lawyers provide debt defense services for individuals, families and business owners in communities throughout Texas. Call us toll free at 832-501-0966 or contact our office by email to arrange a free initial consultation with a debt defense attorney at Texas Debt Defense today.

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