Houston Personal Guarantee Attorney

Houston Personal Guarantee Attorney

In today’s environment, lenders more often than not require an individual to execute a personal guaranty to obligate the said individual to personally repay debts that are defaulted upon by an entity or another individual that is the subject of the guaranty. These include business loans, bank loans, student loans, medical debt, boat loans, automotive loans and all types of loans. At the Texas Debt Defense, in Houston, Texas, we have successfully defended, eliminated and reduced debt for personal guarantors. There is a body of law that we have expertise in that we utilize to require the creditor to prove the validity of a personal guaranty and enforce the rights of a personal guarantor.

Our Opinion On Guarantees

From a credit reporting standpoint, in our opinion there is nothing more inherently unfair than how a personal guarantor is treated. The personal guarantor receives no favorable reporting if the debt for which he has guaranteed is timely paid. However, if the debt is not timely paid the personal guarantor suffers derogatory credit reporting.

Many times, although legal, the personal guarantor does not even receive notice that the guaranteed debt has not been paid until after a lawsuit has been filed or the personal guarantor learns it secondhand from a derogatory credit mark when the guarantor is trying to obtain financing.

Credit Card Company Tricks To Make One A Personal Guarantor

Credit card companies also try and make authorized users who are not even personally responsible for the account personal guarantors based upon hidden language in an agreement that is not even sent to the authorized user and the credit card receipt that is signed at the time of the purchase.

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