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The attorneys of Texas Debt Defense defend people throughout Texas who are facing a lawsuit or legal action because of debt owed to a bank, a credit card company or a debt buyer. Our credit card lawsuit defense litigation services are statewide, and we have offices in multiple metro areas throughout the state to serve you better. We are not a bankruptcy law firm or a debt consolidation service. We are a team of licensed trial attorneys with in-depth knowledge of debtor rights and creditor regulations.

We help people get out from under the slavery of debt. Our firm has a proven record of success in helping people defend themselves against credit card lawsuits in Texas. To arrange a free consultation with a dedicated, proven Texas credit card lawsuit defense attorney, call toll free 832-501-0966 or contact us by email.

While Texas does afford a judgment debtor with more protections than most states, nobody wants to have a judgment taken against him or her. Additionally, since many credit card lawsuit judgments may be avoided in the first place, the creditor is usually more difficult to deal with after a judgment. After a judgment is obtained against you, a creditor has a much bigger arsenal of tools to collect it. For example, a judgment creditor can take money out of your bank account. A judgment creditor can make it difficult and even collect a judgment when you try to buy, refinance or sell your home. Many times lenders will force you to pay off a judgment creditor before you can borrow from them. This is true even if the lender is different than the judgment creditor.

Another misconception is that while it is true in Texas that judgment creditors may not garnish your wages, they still may be able to seize your paycheck because once your paycheck is deposited in your bank account it loses the characteristic of wages and can be seized. Texas Debt Defense strongly encourages you to call our firm and schedule a free attorney consultation. At least give us the opportunity and some of your valuable time to explain how we may help you.

Why Is It So Important To Act Quickly?

After you receive notification that you are being sued by a creditor, you have only 10 days to answer the lawsuit. Missing the 10-day deadline means your creditor will win the lawsuit judgment by default. You may then face wage garnishment, frozen bank assets and other legal collections actions. We fight hard to help you avoid legal collections actions and to have these judgments overturned, if they are already in place.

Credit card companies, banks and debt buyers in Texas pursue credit card lawsuits very aggressively. Make sure you have the advantage in court. At Texas Debt Defense, we get results.

The problem will not go away on its own. You need legal help. Don’t hesitate to call us just because you think you can’t afford a lawyer because you are already in debt. Our rates are very affordable, and we can work with you to create a payment plan that fits your needs.

From offices in Houston, Austin and Dallas, our lawyers provide debt defense services for individuals, families and business owners in communities throughout Texas. Call us toll free at 832-501-0966 or contact our office by email to arrange a free initial consultation with a debt defense attorney at Texas Debt Defense today.

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