Houston Credit Card Debt Attorney

Houston Credit Card Debt Attorney

Credit card debt is a vicious cycle. Not only is it easy to fall behind on your payments, but the more you fall behind the more interest you owe. Before you know it, you can owe hundreds — even thousands — each month in minimum payments that make little to no dent in your overall debt. If you are struggling with credit card debt, you need an attorney.

Houston, Dallas And Austin Credit Card Bills Lawyer

At Texas Debt Defense, we can help you end the cycle of credit card debt so you can move on with your life. We have completely eliminated interest and reduced principal for more than 95 percent of our clients and often eliminated the entire debt — without bankruptcy and without the high monthly cost of a debt consolidation agreement.

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Can you imagine anything better than being relieved of your credit card debt? No more harassing phone calls. No more threats of wage garnishment. It can become a reality. Call toll free at 832-501-0966 or contact our firm by email for a free initial consultation with Houston credit card debt defense lawyer Finis Cowan.

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