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Under most conditions, student loan debt cannot be eliminated through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In addition, reducing the principal or federally insured low interest rate is very difficult, so including the loans in a monthly debt consolidation repayment plan does little or nothing to help you manage or settle your debt problems.

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If you are burdened by student loans in Texas, turn to Texas Debt Defense, with offices in Houston and Austin. We are a debt settlement litigation firm. We will work with your student loan providers to reduce the interest or the amount owed and lower your monthly payment. If you are being harassed by your student loan servicer or bank, we will pursue aggressive strategies to make the harassment stop and prevent collections actions from moving forward.

You have tried so hard to better yourself by getting the education everyone said you needed. Now, the economy has prevented you from getting the job you thought you would get. The student loan companies are ruthless and are refusing to help. They just want their money, and they will ruin your life to get it. Texas Debt Defense is here to prevent that. We fight passionately for average people who are being ruined by these huge banks and loan servicers. Don’t give up. CALL US.

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You can fight back. Texas Debt Defense has an excellent record of successfully defending people in credit card, bank loan and student loan lawsuits throughout Texas. Often, there are options other than a lawsuit that will actually work better for the lender AND the borrower. We negotiate from a position of strength and confidence. Let us help you avoid the harsh consequences of losing in court.

If You Don’t Think You Can Afford A Lawyer?

How do you pay for a lawyer if your student loan debts are already breaking your bank account? We keep our fees low, and we can work out affordable payment plans that fit your budget. For some of our clients, the combined, renegotiated student loan payment and the monthly payment for our services is less than the original student loan payment. Don’t give up before you arrange a free consultation to discuss your circumstances.

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From offices in Houston, Austin and Dallas, our lawyers provide debt defense services for individuals, families and business owners in communities throughout Texas. Call us toll free at 832-501-0966 or contact our office by email to arrange a free initial consultation with a Texas debt attorney at Texas Debt Defense today.

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