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The truth is the banks do not want to see you get ahead. If you pay your bills on time, they do not make money. For the banks to make money off of you, they need you to fall behind on your bills and become a “revolver,” someone stuck in a revolving door of debt. Even worse, banks and other creditors engage in unfair practices such as charging extra fees in order to make sure you do not get ahead.Can you imagine anything better than holding these unscrupulous banks accountable for their actions and getting out from under your crushing debt? With the help of Texas Debt Defense, it can happen. We represent people throughout Texas just like you, ending the never-ending debt cycle and making sure that creditors pay for their bad behavior, including credit reporting violations.

Finis Cowan is an experienced Houston debt defense lawyer for credit reporting violations. He takes on the unfair practices of creditors on behalf of debtors throughout Texas, including Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. As your attorney, he will negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf and sue creditors who have broken the law to take advantage of you.

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If credit reporting violations and other deceptive practices are harming your credit and financial well-being, it needs to stop. Call us toll free at 832-501-0966 or contact our office by email to arrange a free attorney consultation.

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