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Are you being sued by a creditor? Has a creditor obtained a judgment lien against you? Let Texas Debt Defense provide the relief you need, no matter what stage of the judgment and garnishment process you find yourself at; our proven debt defense strategies may be able to help before a lawsuit, after a lawsuit has been filed and even after a judgment has been entered.

Our time-tested debt defense legal strategies have helped thousands of Texans change their lives forever. In fact, we’ve completely eliminated interest and reduced principal for over 95 percent of our clients and often eliminated the entire debt — without bankruptcy and without debt consolidation.

Over the course of the past 20 years, Mr. Cowan has developed considerable connections and ties within the Houston area. As a result of his skill in the courtroom and his connections outside the courtroom, no situation is every truly hopeless. Even if you think you have no chance for success, contact the Texas Debt Defense for a free attorney consultation to see if we may be of assistance to you.

Experienced And Connected Clear Lake Judgment Liens Attorney

Attorney Finis Cowan has been a judgment defense attorney for more than 20 years. He is an experienced trial lawyer who knows how to fight credit collectors. He helps clients with everything from credit card debt to bank loans, auto loans, creditor lawsuits and creditor judgments. His services also encompass complex issues related to:

Benefits of Filing for Bankruptcy

Mr. Cowan is prepared to answer any questions that you have about these topics
and other aspects of debt relief process, including those related to when a creditor can
garnish your wages
and repossess your property.

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