Sued By a Law Firm Due to Debt in Texas?

Has A Law Firm Filed A Lawsuit Against You? We Can Help.

At Texas Debt Defense, we have helped thousands of clients throughout Texas stop creditor harassment and free themselves from debt. Under the leadership of John Mastriani – a Texas debt defense attorney with more than two decades of legal experience – we have successfully reduced principal and eliminated interest for more than 95 percent of our clients.

We have successfully defended clients that have been sued by almost all of the law firms in Texas. The Houston lawyers of Texas Debt Defense have extensive experience in defending clients in credit card lawsuits, vehicle repossession lawsuits, student loan lawsuits and almost every other type of debt collection suit has given us special insight in how to effectively defeat the debt collection action. Given that the creditor’s attorney has a history with us and is well aware of our tenacity in the courthouse, oftentimes the creditor’s attorney will either dismiss the case prior to trial or offer such favorable settlement terms that the client’s best interests are served by settling.

Many of these successes were obtained in cases involving these law firms who sued consumers in an attempt to collect on their debts, including but not limited to the following law firms:

  • Sued by Scott, Parnell and Associates Law Firm
  • Sued by Regent and Associates Law Firm
  • Sued by Rausch and Sturm, Israel, Law Firm

Whether these or any other law firms have initiated a lawsuit against you, our time-tested debt trial strategies and tenacity in the courtroom give you the means to escape financial distress without resorting to bankruptcy or debt consolidation.

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