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Has your car or boat been repossessed because you have fallen behind on your car or boat loan due to tough economic times or another situation beyond your control? Are you upside down on your auto, boat or motorcycle loan? Has your vehicle or boat been repossessed? Is your lending company threatening repossession?

You are not alone. With the downturn in the economy, many people have lost their job and are unable to pay back loans they once were able to afford. Maybe you just got divorced or have missed work due to an illness or injury, but the creditors won’t give you a break.

The Texas Debt Defense may be able to help you get your car or boat back. Call 832-501-0966 right now or contact our Houston repossession defense lawyer online for a free attorney consultation and find out more. We have helped thousands of Texans fight back and protect their cars and boats from repossession.

Fighting Repossession Requires An Experienced Advocate

Fighting a loan is more difficult than fighting credit card debt. Many attorneys won’t even take a case with an auto loan or boat loan. At Texas Debt Defense, we pride ourselves in being aggressive advocates and effectively addressing these complex matters. We are prepared to take on the creditors to seek the best possible result on your behalf.

Attorney Finis Cowan is an experienced trial lawyer with more than 20 years of litigation experience. He has been successful excluding evidence on multiple occasions to obtain a positive result for his clients. Our reputation for success at trial is a decided advantage for clients in the process of negotiations. In many debt cases, just the possibility of trial is enough to enable us to reduce all interest and even principal. It also shows creditors that our clients must be taken seriously, and that we will work tirelessly to protect our clients’ property.

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