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No matter where you live in Texas, if you are in default on your loans or credit cards, or are facing harassing collections calls, Texas Debt Defense may be able to help you. Call one of our convenient offices in a metro area nearest to you to arrange a free attorney consultation. We will assess your situation and help you decide which option is best for you.

What Is Debt Settlement?

If you hire Texas Debt Defense for debt settlement, we negotiate with your creditors and try to settle the debts one at a time so that you keep control of your money. We use a combination notice of representation/FDCPA dispute to keep the creditors from being able to contact you and keep pushing your account toward a potential settlement. The creditors will not be allowed to call or otherwise harass you if we represent you, and if you are ever called by a creditor, you simply notify us and we will contact the creditor and instruct them to cease communicating with you. Every time a creditor contacts our clients after being noticed of our representation, the creditor is violating the law. Many creditors file lawsuits, and if you have a law firm on retainer, you will be one step ahead of the creditor.


Is Debt Settlement Right For Me?

Debt settlement is a preferable alternative to bankruptcy and debt consolidation in most cases. It may be right for you if:

  • You don’t want to file for bankruptcy: Most people do not want to file for bankruptcy unless it is the absolute last resort. They understand it will impact their credit, and make their financial future that much bleaker. A good alternative is debt settlement. You can avoid federal bankruptcy court, a structured payout, having to deal with a court-appointed trustee as well as an appointed federal judge, and you will never have to state that you filed bankruptcy.
  • You don’t qualify for bankruptcy: In 2005, the bankruptcy rules changed drastically. There is now an income test called the “means test.” If your income is above the median household income, you may not qualify for bankruptcy. If you make too much money for bankruptcy, a good alternative is to settle your debts outside of bankruptcy.
  • You don’t qualify for a bankruptcy discharge: You are not able to obtain a discharge in bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and you are required to file a Chapter 13. Oftentimes, the Chapter 13 plan actually may cost you more than not filing for bankruptcy at all and working out arrangements on your own.
  • Your credit cards are in default: If you are in default of your credit cards, your credit score has taken a major hit and the collectors are likely calling daily. A lawyer from Texas Debt Defense can protect you from the creditors’ harassment and give you the time and space needed to collect your resources and attempt to settle your accounts. There is also a good chance you have been sued or will be sued. Now is a good time to enter into a debt settlement.
  • You have assets: If you file bankruptcy, you will have to pool all of your ASSETS to satisfy your DEBTS. If you have some assets that you would like to hold on to while you try to settle your debts, then bankruptcy is not a good option for you, whereas debt settlement with our firm may be a perfect fit.

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