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Texas Debt Defense, is known as an industry-leading debt relief firm serving clients across Texas. We have helped more than 95 percent of our clients eliminate interest and reduce the principal owed to their creditors. Debt buyers are entities created to purchase debts from original creditors such as banks and other financial institution who determine the debt is not worth collecting. Debt buyers purchase debts for pennies on the dollar and receive limited documentation from the original creditor to prevail at trial provided the debtor has experienced legal counsel to protect them. Often times, debt buyers prevail in lawsuits, although they lack the evidence to do so, because the debtor tries to represent him or herself or fails to hire an experienced legal counsel such as the Texas Debt Defense.

Third Party Debt Buyers – The Truth, And What You Can Do About It

Debt buyers – corporate entities whose sole purpose is to maximize their profits by hounding debt-riddled consumers – are well known for suing clients who have never heard of them, and for harassing clients throughout Texas until they settle on debts the debt buyer could not adequately prove the existence of in court. These high-volume companies are mills; they buy millions of dollars in debts and file claims – many of which have no merit because the debt buyer lacks proper documentation of the debt – against consumers each week. The following week, the do it all over again, never considering how their reckless actions can impact the consumers they harass.

After spending only pennies on the dollar to buy debt from credit card companies and other businesses that hold consumer debt, these heartless entities essentially try to turn the court system into their personal ATM. They use the court process and the threat of lawsuits to scare individuals into settling questionable claims or to obtain judgments against those who fail to respond to lawsuits.

  • Questionable settlements: Debt buyers threaten to sue individuals – and often employ a wide range of other harassing tactics – in the hopes that the fear of being sued will make an individual settle the claim and pay the debt buyer. It is important to contact Texas Debt Defense as soon as possible if you have been threatened with a lawsuit such as this; we are often able to establish that debt buyers cannot prove that a debt exists or that you have any obligation to pay them. By showing this to the court, you can end the harassment and free yourself from the clutches of the debt buyer.
  • Default judgments: When a debt buyer sues you and you fail to respond to the lawsuit, the company can obtain a default judgment against you. This means that it is legally entitled to collect on the debt and can garnish your wages, put a lien on your property and cloud your title, and use various other legal mechanisms to obtain payment for the judgment. As such, you need to contact us so that we can assert your rights and prevent a lawsuit from advancing to a default judgment.

At Texas Debt Defense, we protect you from the aggressive tactics that debt buyers use to collect debts of all kinds. We prevent them from obtaining funds they are unable to prove a right to, and to keep them from manufacturing account statements, credit card agreements, bank documents and other financial documentation in an attempt to circumvent the legal protections that the law gives you.

If you have been targeted by a debt buyer’s lawsuit, contact us right away. Do not allow them to exploit your lack of knowledge of the law to obtain a judgment against you. We can use our proven debt settlement techniques and trial strategies to help you free yourself from debt without the negative side effects of such debt relief mechanisms as bankruptcy or debt consolidation.

The Texas Debt Defense can defend you as you as your Credit Card Lawsuit Lawyer, Repossession Lawsuit Lawyer, Student Loan Lawsuit Lawyer, Bank Loan Lawsuit Lawyer, Medical Debt Lawsuit Layer and can defend you as your Debt Collection Defense Lawyer in almost any action that a debt buyer has purchased your debt. We are familiar with all of the strategies that these buyers use to attempt to collect debts, and experienced in litigation to exclude their evidence and obtain favorable outcomes for our clients.

We have helped eradicated debts, had debts removed from our clients’ credits reports and avoided 1099c issues for numerous clients who have been:

  • Sued by CACH
  • Sued by Midland Credit Management
  • Sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates; and
  • Almost all debt buyers.

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