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Texas Debt Defense Vs. Debt Settlement Companies

Unfortunately, many consumers fall victim to hiring a non-attorney debt settlement company to settle the debts that they have defaulted on. Most of these companies do not even have a physical address, and if they do they are located outside of Texas. Further, they will “attempt” to settle your accounts, often with little to no success, all while charging you much more than you would ever pay Texas Debt Defense to actually settle your debts.

Additionally, these debt settlement companies require you to pay them monthly, and you lose control of your money and must rely on the debt settlement company to hold your hard-earned money for you. When the company fails to settle your accounts and creditors file suit, the debt settlement company will show you the door and tell you that you are on your own. Oftentimes, you will pay these companies only to find out that the company you were paying has gone out of business or was shut down by their local attorney general’s office.

As such, our Texas debt settlement law firm is superior to a debt settlement company for the following reasons:

  • We are local.
  • We know the law and are able to apply the law to your situation to ascertain the best debt settlement option, if any, for you.
  • We have extensive experience with creditors and are often able to get to the proper person to help you settle your debt.
  • We do not require you to make monthly payments into a debt consolidation plan.

Due to these reasons, the personal service we provide to every client, and our unyielding commitment to providing high-quality legal services, the answer to the question “Why hire us for debt settlement?” becomes clear.

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