Sued for a debt? Find out how to fight back

Sued for a debt? Find out how to fight back

Debt problems don’t go away on their own. In fact, they have a way of spiraling out of control until you’re left holding a notice of a lawsuit. If you have been sued for a debt, the worst thing you can do is do nothing.

Find out how to fight back by reading our free white paper, “Secrets To A Successful Debt Defense: What Creditors Won’t Tell You, The Texas Debt Defense Will Show You.” You will come away knowing:

  • How you can develop a strong defense and offense
  • How the economics behind debt collection lawsuits can work in your favor
  • How to put an immediate stop to creditor harassment
  • Why bankruptcy and debt consolidation may not be the answer
  • Five common pitfalls to avoid in dealing with a debt lawsuit
  • Seven traits to look for in a good defense lawyer

The paper draws on insights from our 30-plus years of experience defending people in your situation. Given our attorney’s 95 percent success rate in getting debts reduced or eliminated, you can rely on these recommendations to start putting financial struggles behind you.

We invite you to learn more by downloading the white paper for no cost.


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