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Have you received notice that the city is planning to take your property and use it for other purposes? Has the city offered you money for your property, but you feel that the offer is unfair? Do you know that a freeway or other government-owned structure will soon be built on or near your property?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Texas Debt Defense, we help those faced with a government taking – where the government takes possession of your property by using its eminent domain powers – and make sure that their rights are protected. We represent homeowners and commercial property owners through all stages of the eminent domain process, from initial negotiations with the city all the way to litigation to obtain fair compensation.

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The issue of eminent domain is especially prevalent in rapidly expanding metro areas such as Houston. The city needs additional land for freeways, city streets, and other municipal services. In these situations, we can help you with issues related to:

  • Valuation: Although the government can take your property, it cannot do so without giving you fair and just compensation. We help you determine whether the government’s offer is fair, and negotiate on your behalf if you are not offered fair value.
  • Did a taking occur: Sometimes, it becomes necessary to assess whether a taking took place without the government recognizing it. In these situations, we help you get the compensation that you deserve for the property that the government took.
  • Other forms of taking: The government does not have to fully possess your property for a taking to have occurred. For example, if a highway is being built next to your property and you suffer economic harm due to reduced traffic during construction, a constructive taking may have occurred. We help you understand all of your options in these types of situations, and fight to get you the compensation you need to make you whole.

Our firm was founded on the principle of helping clients stand up to public and private entities who think they can push our clients around. Since 1989, our attorneys have provided high quality legal representation to clients throughout Texas in a variety of practice areas, and given every client the direct, personal attention that he or she deserves.

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