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Texans Now Qualify for Debt Defense Services

So many Texans have lost their jobs over the past few years and many lost their savings in the 2008 stock market crash. This led to thousands of foreclosures and the housing market is still recovering. Though Texans are a resilient bunch, thousands have experienced financial setbacks and find themselves unable to repay loans and make credit card payments on time. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Texas Debt Defense, offers a highly effective program that has helped thousands of people eliminate interest and reduce the principal they owed.

The Debt Defense Plan is so effective that it has worked for over 95 percent of our clients. Imagine being out from under the heavy load of overdue bills. You can be free and get a new financial start with the Cowan debt defense plan.

This is NOT a debt consolidation program! You will not have to file bankruptcy.

Are you currently being harassed by creditors? Did you know that credit card companies don’t even try to help their customers catch up on past due balances? They won’t work with you by reducing your interest rate. The only way to get help is to take legal action against them.

Denton County and Southlake

Texas Debt Defense has developed a proven program to help Texans in Denton, Southlake, The Colony, Lewisville and all across Texas with debt relief. We’ve found that most consumers are not aware of their rights, but as a consumer, you do have legal rights. Ordinary people just like you are being taken advantage of by unscrupulous lenders. But you can get help today.

Attorney Finis Cowan knows the law. He has many years of experience and he can protect you from being harassed by creditors. His program of debt relief services has helped thousands of Texans get free of overwhelming bills and financial obligations.

The Texas Debt Defense debt settlement program is a unique plan that works! And without debt consolidation. Call toll free 832-501-0966 today to find out more about this exclusive program.

This innovative Debt Defense program works for all sorts of people in many situations including:

We also provide experienced legal assistance for many other legal issues, such as breach of contract, commercial and business law, eminent domain, business litigation and others.

“My law firm does more than just negotiate with creditors to consolidate your debt. We are real debt relief. As a licensed attorney, I have the capacity to take your case to trial if the creditors won’t be fair about debt relief and illegal debt collections practices. I go to court, and I win. I am the aggressive advocate you need on your side.” — Attorney Finis Cowan

Are you being harassed by scavenger debt collectors? If you’re the victim of Illegal Creditor Activities, get help today from Texas Debt Defense! We Take Credit Card Companies to Court to protect your rights. We know how stressful past due bills can be. We Are Here To Help!

Our proven strategies have helped thousands of Texans to regain their financial freedom. At Texas Debt Defense, clients are treated with respect and compassion. We offer free consultations so you can learn about your legal rights.

We represent clients all over the state of Texas including Denton County, Southlake, The Colony, and Lewisville. Our debt defense services are available for individuals, families and business owners in Texas. Please email or call toll free at 832-501-0966 to speak to a Denton County debt defense attorney today.

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