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If you’ve been struggling with a heavy load of debt then you’re probably looking for a solution to finally be free of it. Is there anything greater than getting out from under tons of overdue bills? Texas Debt Defense, provides a very effective solution. In fact, our innovative debt relief program has helped thousands of people.

It’s true. With the Cowan debt defense plan, you can completely eliminate interest and reduce principal. This plan has worked for more than 95 percent of our clients. In many cases, the entire debt is eliminated. All without filing bankruptcy. This is not a debt consolidation agreement. In fact, those types of plans often leave you with the same monthly payments as before you consolidated your bills.

Be Free of Debt, Without Filing Bankruptcy or Consolidating Bills Today!

Many consumers are not aware of their rights and often we find that our clients did not owe as much as they thought. The credit card companies must operate according to a set of laws, but they don’t always disclose specific things to their customers. Or the disclosure is in such small print that you can’t read it.

Brazoria County and Pearland

Attorney Finis Cowan has several decades of experience. He knows the law and he protects the rights of ordinary citizens like you. If you’re being harassed by a creditor or threatened with repossession, then get help today! Don’t let the credit card companies continue their harassment. Most of them are not at all interested in helping you catch up on your payments. They aren’t willing to work out a deal. That’s where Texas Debt Defense comes to the rescue.

Our debt settlement program offers a proven record of results. You can get debt settlement help without filing bankruptcy and without debt consolidation. Our company works with people all over Texas. Call toll free 832-501-0966 today!

We work tirelessly to protect the rights of our clients in a wide variety of situations, including:

In addition to these extensive debt relief services, we also provide legal assistance in numerous areas like commercial and business law, real estate law, eminent domain, contract disputes and others.

“My law firm does more than just negotiate with creditors to consolidate your debt. We are real debt relief. As a licensed attorney, I have the capacity to take your case to trial if the creditors won’t be fair about debt relief and illegal debt collections practices. I go to court, and I win. I am the aggressive advocate you need on your side.” — Attorney Finis Cowan

If you are currently being harassed by Illegal Creditor Actions, you can get help now! We Take Those Companies To Court. We can protect you against creditor lawsuits and harassment from scavenger debt collectors.

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Tired of struggling? Sick of the threatening phone calls? Get help today with our unique debt settlement program. Our proven strategies have worked for thousands of people throughout Texas. Our goal is to help you regain your financial freedom.

At Texas Debt Defense, we know that a job layoff, divorce, illness or accident can make it hard for you to pay your bills on time. At our firm, clients are treated with respect and compassion. We offer free consultations so you can learn about your legal rights.

We represent clients all over the state of Texas including Brazoria County and Pearland. Texas Debt Defense provides debt defense services for individuals, families and business owners in Texas. Please email or call toll free at 832-501-0966 to speak to a Brazoria County debt defense attorney today. Get the help you deserve!

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